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The secret of the Apothecary is the ability to listen. We love to help, whether it's advice on taking care of yourself and your health, skin and skin care, or charity. We believe in the importance of fostering love of nature, love of each other, self-love and affection for others. Interpersonal relationships are the most precious thing each of us has. Therefore, it is essential to nurture and support them through helping others.

Through our products, we give out joy and energy every day and have helped many of you in taking care of your skin, hair and soul health. Apotheke has already taken her first steps into the world and is able to stand steadily on her own two feet. However, this is not always the case for everyone, and in some cases a long and difficult journey may precede being able to stand on two feet. Achilleus helps children like these. They are dedicated to helping children with the congenital developmental defect pes equinovarus. This is a congenital orthopaedic defect, but it is curable if the child receives the right care. Last year, we had the opportunity to financially support this foundation in its operation and help several children in their journey to take their first steps in life. Helping others is what fulfills us at Apotheca and moves us forward.